Heidi Wallheimer, was born and raised in Amsterdam the Netherlands. In 2003, she successfully completed her education in art photography at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

In touch with life!

The photographer and artist Heidi Wallheimer maintains a unique vision in her portrait photography. It is all about emotion. By retaining emotion the portrait gets a subdued mood. Every portrait radiates a tremendous profoundness and stillness.

Photography is her passion and while traveling on her feelings and technical knowledge, she manages to lay down a profound moment in her children portraits. Her biggest wish would be to portrait all children so she can show their purity and vulnerability in every portrait taken. Her portraits are quite touching and moving.

As she uses natural incidence of light in her portraits there is a resemblance with the paintings of Rembrandt.

By minimizing her colors she can stress the essence of her portraits. The remaining colors are an addition to the warm atmosphere of every portrait. Portraits are made by assignment.